BCA 1000 110 12 w/DMABCA Series Chargers

Analytic Systems’ AC Input Battery Chargers use the latest Current Mode PWM Controller IC Technology and represent the culmination of years of development effort. Features include: precision output voltages control, output short circuit protection, 2 or 3 stages charging topology, visual and audible indicators for input under voltage and over-temperature. Extra filtering on the inputs and outputs reduce EMI to the lowest possible levels to reduce or eliminate interference with other device, such as VHF and Sideband transceivers. They are available as two-stage or two and three-stage chargers capable of charging one or two banks of 12, 16, 24, 28, 32, 36, 48 or other voltage battery banks up to 48 volts and are designed to quickly charge and condition batteries. They will extend a battery’s useful life and performance so it is ready to respond when needed.

Warranty - 3 Years from date of purchase by the end user for standard products offered in our catalog.


Iota DLS Series Chargers

The DLS Chargers are a constant voltage charger with the added feature of a Two-Step Voltage Jack which allows switching from a long-term float voltage of 13.2VDC to 14.4VDC for rapid charging by simply inserting the dual voltage plug (included) into the jack or adding an IQ4 switch which automatically charges at the higher voltage for 8 hours then maintains the float charge for a week. The IQ4 switch then repeats the higher voltage charge cycle. This is a good way to keep flooded battery electrolyte stirred up and evenly distributed for optimum float charge effectiveness.

Ouput currents available: 30, 45, 55 ,75 and 90 Amps.

2 year warranty

VMI Series Chargers

VMI Series Chargers

McCarron: When Performance, Dependability & Quality Are Not Optional

Independently adjustable equalize (recharge) and float voltage.
Programmable time control for equalize (recharge) cycle.
Automatic switching to a precisely regulated float voltage.
Precise +or- .05% regulation from no load to full load.
Automatic power up in float or equalize (User selective).
Time control of equalize / condition cycle, 0-140 Hrs. (User selective).
Illuminated push button allows for manual toggle between float & equalize. .Connection points for remote FL / EQ toggle and ammeter.
Ideal for use with flooded cell lead antimony, lead calcium, or sealed Gel or AGM (absorbed glass mat), batteries.
Do not need to be disconnected when starting engines.
AC line voltage compensating to + or -10%.
Reverse polarity protected.
Isolation transformers, 50 or 60 Hz rated, taps for 120,208,220/240 VAC inputs. .AC & DC reset breakers, IP (ignition protection) rated. Except 48V units which are fused for the DC output.


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