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80022 Mortice set - secures water or air drive onto the yaw arm 34.55
" 80023

Drop nose pin spare - transfers drive from water or air drive via conical connector to the drive shaft

" 80024

tower lock pin spare - prevents the upper tower clamp from being accidentally released

" 80034

C-bracket lock screw set - locks 'c' bracket to the yoke when in air mode, to stop alternator moving laterally

" 90016 Alternator pin pack – pivot pins attach the yoke to the alternator lugs 26.41
" 90207 C-bracket fasteners set –M6 x 50 bolt with washers, nut and nut cover, four sets needed to secure the clamp blocks to the universal bracket 1.91
" 90220 C-bracket pin and fixings – 10mm pin with beta pin, washers and ring, secures yoke to ‘c’ bracket and provides for lateral pivot 29.75


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